Ingvild is cosmopolitan actress, philosopher artist, communicator and former NGO worker exploring the interdisciplinary space of ecojustice, effective altruism, regenerative agriculture and artistic practice for a longterm and inclusive future. Originally from Norway, she has over the last decade lived and worked in Switzerland, France, UK, Brazil and The Netherlands.

She has a MA in Media for International Development and Social Change from Sussex University and an BA in Philosophy and the History of Ideas from Bergen University, Norway and Southampton University, UK.


In addition to her artistic pursuits, she is currently learning and practicing in the field of regenerative agriculture, with an emphasis on agroforestry, perennials, wilding, and exploring old and new technologies that can restore soil and ecosystems for food security, biodiversity and climate change mitigation. Ingvild is also delving into our paradoxical relationship to other animals, and how humans can reconnect to the natural world and each other to avoid existential risks and rediscover the wonders of our precious planet and the universe beyond.


She is passionate about the power of narratives to bring about positive change. Through the arts and philosophy she aims to advance effective altruism values, question the status quo and foster understanding and compassion across political, cultural and speciesist divides.


In addition to having worked as a freelance artist philosopher for the past eight years, within NGOs, and with artist representation, she also has experience with healthy plant-based nutrition and cooking, animal care, expat living, yoga (ten yrs) and meditation (five yrs).

About this website

This is an overview of Ingvild's creative and philosophical endeavours.