Ingvild is currently studying translation (English - Norwegian and vice versa), graduating spring 2021.

Tord's Trilogy - Norwegian to English:
Ingvild is translating the first book of an epic saga, the Sword Apprentice, written by Tor Bertel Løvgren:
We follow Tord Jonsson and his inner conflict in the peaceful 1980s, and Tord Sigurdsson during the strife between three royal brothers in Norway in the 1100s. The fate of the two Tords is interwoven. Do we carry a unique identity unanchored from time and place?

Short excerpt in Norwegian/English.
Book Trailer.

Artist Agent

Ingvild represents musician duo Julie&Andreas as booking agent and author Tor Bertel Løvgren as literary agent.

About this website

This is an overview of Ingvild's creative and philosophical endeavours.